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Fresh clothes, fresh you

Our Silverplus technology adds a protective layer to synthetic fabrics, making unwanted smells a thing of the past.

This way, you'll feel fresh as a daisy, no matter what. Plus, you'll save time in the laundry department, your favourite clothes will last even longer, and you're doing the environment a favour.

What a treat!

Thanks to Silverplus, my clothes stay fresh, and so do I. No more worries about embarrassing smells, no more long nights of ironing.

The power of silver

To keep odors at a distance, we use silver ions.
These make it hard for the odor particles to spread out.

The result is a fabric that stays fresh- as do you!

SILVERPLUS® technology

K [DESIGN] is the first brand in the clothing  industry in Europe to introduce a unique and revolutionary concept: ODOR-FREE CLOTHING.

We use the unique SILVERPLUS® technology to apply a protective coating to synthetic fabrics.

The results are spectacular…

Because of SILVERPLUS®, a dress or blouse can no longer smell of perspiration. Clothes stay fresher longer – and so need washing less frequently. And that has consequences both for the environment and for the clothes themselves.

Oh yes, and that’s quite apart from benefits when wearing the clothes, such as greater comfort, more self-confidence and so a lovely relaxed feeling ...

SILVERPLUS®  is a registered trademark of Rudolf GmbH

How does the K [DESIGN] SILVERPLUS technology work?

  • Body odour is caused by bacteria that penetrate the fabric and spread.
  • The SILVERPLUS® coating, based on silver ions, prevents the growth and spread of these bacteria.
  • ... and ensures that there is no unpleasant body odour to worry about.

What are the benefits?

  • no body odor, so less washing
  • savings of water, energy and time
  • we give the environment a helping hand
Less wear
  • less washing means less pilling
  • and so your clothes last for longer
Happy customer
  • no body odor, so a fresher feeling
  • greater self-confidence, more comfort
  • no effect on the skin’s natural protective layer

SILVERPLUS®  is a registered trademark of Rudolf GmbH

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